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I’ve been an avid boater on the Great Lakes for over 40 years. However, it wasn’t until my wife and I purchased a home in Southwest Florida and we began boating in the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida Keys, that the reality of what maintaining a vessel in salt water really entails. While a number of companies advertise “marine products,” I was unsatisfied with the lack of professional-grade cleaning and detailing products available to the marine industry. That’s when I approached the team at Jax Wax.

I have personally used the Jax Wax line of products for over 20 years. Beginning in 2010, Jax Wax became the primary sponsor of our NHRA Competition Eliminator racing operation. This provided an opportunity to really learn about the manufacturing process and what it takes to develop professional quality products. With this experience, it was a natural next-step to work with the Jax Wax team to develop a true professional-grade Marine line of products. An obvious extension of the Marine line is to introduce the boating community to the Jax Wax car care and automotive detailing line of products. Both lines share the same commitment to quality and are manufactured from the best American-Made raw materials available.

Along with developing new products (such as engine flush, boat cleaners (both for salt and fresh water) and gel-coat wax/sealant) other products have been enhanced for marine use (such as adding UV protection to Jax Wax’s vinyl and leather cleaner). Complimenting these products is a line of accessories to aid in your cleaning efforts.

New Product Line established

The Cap’n Jax marine product line was introduced by Jax Wax during the 2022 SEMA show in Las Vegas. Since 1993, Jax Wax has been manufacturing car care and automotive detailing products for professional use in order to realize outstanding results the first time and be fast and easy to use.


successful Manufacturer

Unlike many other sources of retail car and marine care products, all Jax Wax products are manufactured in-house at the company’s manufacturing facility in Columbus, Ohio. By using the finest American made raw materials available, Jax Wax ensures the highest quality and performance of all of its product lines.

Our Products

In addition to offering the complete Cap’n Jax and Jax Wax product lines, we also offer products from industry leading manufactures such as RUPES and IK Sprayers. We are always adding new inventory so keep checking the website for some new, interesting and innovative products.
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